Volunteer experience


Our program is the only one that provides the true Kibbutz experience
It is your opportunity to enjoy a unique way of life, build important life skills and meet new friends from around the world. You will work together, have fun and discover the many wonders of Israel. Our hope is that at the end of your time with us, you will return home with a more balanced view of the challenges of modern day Israel and act as good will ambassadors in your community.

We accept volunteers for period of minimum 10 week up to twelve months, aged between 18 and 35, in good health and with a good knowledge of English. You will be expected to work in a variety of workplaces, from farms and orchards to factories tourist facilities.
Accommodation and meals are at the expense of the kibbutz, some of the kibbutzim are privatized and therefore the volunteers are responsible for preparing their own meals. 

In most kibbutzim the accommodation is for two people in a room, some of the kibbutzim at certain times will accommodate three people in a room.

The working hours vary depending on the type of work you are assigned but you would generally be expected to work 8 ½ hours a day, 5 days a week. In return you will receive full accommodation, three meals a day, laundry service, a social club for volunteers as well as access to all the facilities and cultural activities of the kibbutz. You will also receive monthly pocket money, 2 days holiday per month (excluding Saturdays) and trips to visit other areas of the country. Every two months there are enrichment seminar dealing with different topics in Israeli society. Volunteers who have been in the kibbutz for 3 months are eligible to take part in the seminars.

In each Kibbutz there is a volunteer coordinator that is in charge of the volunteers in the Kibbutz. On the first day in the Kibbutz the volunteer leader meets the newly arrived volunteer, explains to them the daily routines and rules in the Kibbutz and takes the, on a short tour around the Kibbutz.

The health insurance which the volunteer is required to purchase by us is especially designed for the volunteer program, covering all kinds of emergencies, need for medicine, hospitalization, ambulatory services, emergency room, etc. For any situation that demands health treatment the volunteers can approach the kibbutz's Clinique. Please note - the health insurance does not include dental treatments of all types.

In some kibbutzim, the volunteers will be asked to leave a deposit in the kibbutz (about $100). This is a security deposit against the destruction of the kibbutz belongings used by the volunteers during their stay or situations in which the volunteer does not inform the volunteer coordinator, at least two weeks in advance, about the date of departure from the kibbutz.